Love Collection

The Love Collection boasts a wide ensemble of exquisite wedding bands and couple rings. Some are made from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, black gold and platinum, and adorned with dazzling diamonds. Jewellery in this collection includes Romantica, Aventura and One Aventura.


The most brilliant diamond with 101 facets, patented in Antwerp, Belgium
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One Aventura

Embark on mesmerizing adventures with charming treasures of white, yellow, rose and black gold
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EmbrasseR purest

Rarest of all with the combination of pure platinum and pure gold - a product of Japan
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A splendid fusion of German design with detailed craftmanship
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The world's most brilliant ideal square diamond
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Yellow Gold

Plain yellow pristine gold, reflecting the beauty of minimal simplicity while expressing mutual love at its purest roots. Truthful, honest, and beautiful.
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