Wealth & Harmony Charms 《富贵圆满》吊饰 - 20P15480000 & 20P15482000

Wealth & Harmony Charms 《富贵圆满》吊饰 - 20P15480000 & 20P15482000

20P15480000 & 20P15482000

Everyone wants to be favored by the God of Fortune in the New Year, and these charms and rings of the Golden Delights series shall summon the luck. The designs are based on the minimalistic elegance of roundness, demonstrating simplicity with abundance. One notable feature is the jewellery’s spherical body, inscribed with the four Chinese characters “Fu Gui Yuan Man (Wealth & Harmony)” that added to its unique appearance. Visually mesmerizing, like circles encapsulating roundness within, the Wealth & Harmony charms and rings bears the good omens of all-around harmony, and all things come around to a satisfying outcome.


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