Ruyi Abacus Pendant 如意算盘吊坠- 20P1046800S/L

Ruyi Abacus Pendant 如意算盘吊坠- 20P1046800S/L

The Ruyi Abacus combines an abacus design with inscribed motifs of the Ruyi, and is available as a Jade & Gold pendant or Gold pendant and ring set. The Ruyi is a traditional auspicious ornament that adorned study tables, thrones, and royal chambers to encourage prosperity and harmony. It is believed to be transformed from the royal sceptre, the supreme symbol of power and authority.

如意算盘以算盘造型配以“如意”图纹,并分为金玉算盘吊坠、金算盘吊坠及戒指。如意算盘金 戒指,顶部是维妙维肖的算盘,指环部分是“如意”,戒指上刻有古钱,元宝和福字,以如意托着整个算盘,代表着吉祥如意、财源广进。在古代,“如意”是传统 的吉祥之物,是一种摆设的艺术陈设品,在书桌、宝座旁、寝殿中摆有如意,以示吉祥、顺心之意。也有说,如意其实就是由权杖演变而成,象征着权力及统治地 位。

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