Auspicious Roses Ring 囍缘玫瑰戒指-20R1028A

Auspicious Roses Ring 囍缘玫瑰戒指-20R1028A

The Auspicious Roses Ring is inspired by a bouquet of roses. A “Double Happiness” motif is inscribed on the back of the bouquet. This unique bouquet-inspired design is also available as a pendant or earring. A bouquet of thirty seven roses pendant meaning ‘there is only you in my heart’. It is an exclusive design of Poh Kong.

囍缘玫瑰戒指设计概念来自一束玫瑰花。背面有一个喜字,佩戴这款戒指显得 出众迷人。一束花的设计概念,也用在吊坠和耳环。囍缘玫瑰吊坠由37朵玫瑰 花组成,37朵玫瑰花-我的心中只有你。囍缘玫瑰的每个首饰都以玫瑰花为主, 而每一片玫瑰花瓣上都刻有[喜]字,是宝光专属的设计。

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