Perpetual Lover Phoenix Ring 龙凤呈祥凤戒 指-20R11291

Perpetual Lover Phoenix Ring 龙凤呈祥凤戒 指-20R11291

This whole collection features the Phoenix and includes necklace, earrings, and bangle. Phoenix is the king of all birds that symbolises wealth, and comes with the parents’ infinite blessings, in hopes of their daughter marrying well and the daughter-in-law bringing prosperity to the family. The phoenix soars elegantly, with its delicate feathers connecting as the chain of the necklace. The phoenix feather design is also seen on the rings and earrings of this collection.

“龙凤呈祥”以[凤]为设计主轴,推出一整套首饰,包括项链、耳环、手镯。凤凰为鸟中之王,寓意荣华富贵, 它包含了父母的无限祝福,希望女儿嫁得富贵、媳妇为家庭带来兴旺。 项链的凤凰展翅高飞,其羽毛连接至整条项链, 高雅美善,非常精致。凤凰羽毛设计概念也用于戒指和耳环。

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