Schoeffel is a highly respected brand name in the world of cultured pearls, since its establishment in 1921. Schoeffel is the quintessence of pearl luxury with celestial beauty and the utmost elegance of pearls. The pearl is the most feminine jewel. With its mystic lustre, it exudes a luxurious sensuality that holds a special fascination and appeal to women all over the world. It is beauty in its purest form coupled with pure emotion.

The Classic collection, Couture collection, the Collier collection and Creative collection are the four main collections from Schoeffel.

Classic Collection
Elegant Classic feminine pearl luxury in seductively pure 24-hour creations.

Couture Collection
Luxurious pearls of breathtaking beauty and the highest aesthetic prestige.

Collier Collection
Necklaces that exude an exquisite charm, magical extravagance and timeless class.

Creative Collection
Creative luxury tinged with a sophisticated, youthful sexiness.

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