Azure Dragon Gold Ring 《青龙》戒指

Azure Dragon Gold Ring 《青龙》戒指


For a better fortune to accomplish your dreams in the New Year, you may couple your inner element with attributes of the Five Elemental Beasts series such as Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, Qilin. According to ancient Chinese wisdom, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth are the five elements constructing the world which are bound to an endless cyclical relationship that can be mutually benefiting or disadvantaging. To increase your luck, you need to understand the basic elemental principles of gold collects water, water nourishes wood, wood feeds fire, fire creates earth, and earth bears gold. For instance, if you are fire element dominant, the wood element Azure Dragon gold ring of the Five Elemental Beasts series will strengthen your aura to greatly enhance your fortune, wealth, and status in the future.


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