Auspicious Golden Charm Series 吉祥 Charm金吊饰系列

Auspicious Golden Charm Series 吉祥 Charm金吊饰系列

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Abundance of Fortune Charm《大吉大利》吊饰 小小红包,满满的祝福。设计师将新年红包的祝福,设计成《大吉大利》金饰,以此祝福他人大吉大利,吉祥圆满。(福兆:吉祥)

This dainty little red packet is packed with an abundance of blessings. Inspired by the red packet given as blessing during the Lunar New Year, and encapsulated these blessing into the form of dainty jewellery.

Golden Pouch Charm《金钱袋》串饰 刻有福与满的《金钱袋》串饰,可佩戴于手链、项链及手镯,寓意福气多多,钱赚得满满。(福兆:聚财) This charm is inscribed with the words ‘Blessings’ and ‘Fulfillment’, and can be worn on a bracelet, necklace or bangle to symbolise the overflowing of abundance and prosperity.

Lucky Token Charm (Symbolism: Good luck) 《幸运筹码》吊饰 此款小吊饰的设计灵感来自筹码,比如常听到的:“你有足够的筹码做这件大事吗?”所以,戴上《幸运筹码》,将让你一生好运,拥有满满的筹码,成为生活的大赢家。(福兆:好运)

This charm takes the shape of a coin that is commonly associated with luck and good fortune. Wearing the Lucky Token Charm will bless you with a lifetime of good luck and make you a winner in life.

Prosperous Ancient Coin Charm 《财福古钱》串饰 《财福古钱》吊饰的《福》象征“幸福美满”,《财》象征“财运亨通”。(福兆:招财) The Prosperous Ancient Coin Charm contains two characters ‘Good Fortune’ to symbolise blessings of fortune, and ‘Wealth’ to represent never-ending prosperity.

Blooming Prosperity Charm 《喜福花开》吊饰 红包设计成吊饰,代表小小红包,满满祝福的延续,《喜福花开》,象征用一颗喜悦的心去祝福他人福星高照,富贵花开。(福兆:福运) This red packet inspired jewellery piece symbolises a blessing that blooms into prosperity and good fortune.

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