Endless Happiness Ring欢喜连连戒指-20R12127

Endless Happiness Ring欢喜连连戒指-20R12127

Poh Kong's Happy Love Collection boasts elegant gold jewellery imbued with Oriental touches that speak of culture and rich tradition. "Endless Happiness" comprises a ring, a pair of earrings, a pendant and bracelet, and features the carved word for "Happiness" that is embraced by a heart shape and encased within rings of perpetuity to signify eternal bliss and blessings of peace and love for the couple.

宝光欢囍连连系列高贵典雅,以东方婚庆元素为主轴,再融入现代设计,层次感十足。此黄金首饰系列包含一枚戒指、一对耳环、一个吊坠和一个手镯。每件首饰皆有 “囍”的立体雕刻字,并有心形包围,再有圆环覆盖,层层守护,寓意用心厮守永恒的幸福。

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